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Vision and specialization

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We specialize in simplifying website building. We study the different areas of expertise in order to offer efficient turnkey websites, and we work to make sure our custom made websites match what our clients are looking for.VisionWe want to automate as much aspects of website building as possible in order to make our clients' job easier. We want you to be able to save time without losing any quality or efficiency. No matter what your needs are, addressing  and resolving them quickly is...

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Specialization and Online Vision's vision
Web Angular JS technology

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Our Tools

Pre-designed websites

UniqueThe websites we offer are pre-designed, but they are unique. You get quick access to your website, and it doesn't look like any other website.

Website editor

Make your life easierThe website builder is easy to use. It is designed to simplify things for you. You can build an aesthetically pleasing, efficient website for your company without needing to have advanced computing skills.

Mobiles and tablets

Responsive websitesWe offer websites that are compatible with all devices. Your clients are busy people and it is important for your website's mobile version to be up to their standards.


DescriptionGoogle Analytics allows website owners to have access to statistics regarding their website's traffic. It is a popular tool that helps companies looking to improve their online presence.


NomYou own and keep ownership of your domain name. This guarantees complete independence. If you decide to switch hosts, you can keep your domain name. We consider that owning your domain name is important.


Easy accessAn online store can greatly help your company. Your clients can easily access your products through your website. They can obtain all the information they need about your product before making a purchase.


  • All the success of a company starts with its brand image. The branding is actually your showcase on the world, that is what influences the first perception of the consumer facing your product.A good brand image must be composed of a mix of your product or services, your experience and your name.


  • Social networks develop awareness, visibility and confidence in your company, so it is essential to ensure your brand on each of them.


  • SimpleThe website builder for your new website is easy to use. It is designed to make things easy for you.


  • Our team of experts will guide you throughout the processIf you are thinking of consulting us and wish to ask us questions beforehand, we can help. In addition to answering your questions, we can provide a free and extensive evaluation of your project.


  • BY USING AND / OR VISITING THE WWW.ONLINEVISION.CA WEBSITE AND / OR ANY RELATED WEBSITE OF WWW.ONLINEVISION.CA (as defined below: collectively, including all content available through the domain name onlinevision.




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The Difference Between a Web Host and A Domain Registrar

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  • HTML5

    What is it?HTML is a markup language that allows web browsers to transform texts and images into webpages. HTML5 was finalized in 2014 and is the latest version of this technology.

  • Parallax

    Our approachWe use the most recent web technology. That allows us to offer an excellent product to our clients. Our websites are efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and safe. they also provide smooth browsing.

  • Angulars JS

    Our approachWe use the most recent web technology. This allows us to offer an excellent product to our clients. Our websites are efficient and safe. They also provide smooth browsing.

    Angulars JS


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