posted on 16 February 2015

How To Choose A Good Domain Name

The choice of a domain name is a crucial step in the website creation process. More often than not, a good domain name can greatly help with branding or become a signature. Whether you think of Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, or Pinterest, all these names are simple, easy to remember and for the most part pretty straightforward about the website's purpose.

Online Vision, a website creation company in Montreal, has provided a few things to remember in your research to choose a good domain name and thus increasing your chances of getting good positioning in Google. Do not hesitate to get in touch with Online Vision for more information.


  1. Avoid lengthy names

If you hear the name of a website mentioned, but that name is too long, chances are you will forget it. So will other people with your website. This is why short, simple names that are easy to remember are always best.


  1. Have one of your keywords in your domain name

If your website is about cooking, try to choose a domain name in which the word ''cooking'' appears. Not only will it help in optimizing your website's position in Google, but people will also be more inclined to click on a website that contains exactly what they are seeking rather than a vague, generic name.


  1. Choose a website ending in .com as much as possible

A lot of suffixes are available for websites (.ca, .org, .net), but the .com ending is favori all around the world. Can you easily name two websites ending in .org or .net? If you purchase your domain name with a suffix other than .com because that ending is not available, you will most likely lose visits to people typing instead of These people will visit the wrong website. If you really want a specific domain name, make sure the domain ending in .com doesn't have a niche similar to yours, as you will probably be the competition loser if it's the case.


Of course, there are other strategies to choose a good domain name. Nevertheless, the ones outlined above demonstrate that preliminary research is essential before you buy your domain name. For more information or to increase your website's visibility online, get in touch with Online Vision today.