posted on 24 February 2015

The Difference Between a Web Host and A Domain Registrar

When you want to create a website, a lot of preliminary steps have to be taken. Of course, other than finding a good domain name, a profitable niche (if your goal is to make money) and relevant keywords, you also have to find a Web Host and a domain registrar. These two elements are essential in order to put your website online one day. This is why Online Vision, a website creation company in Montreal, details the difference between a web host and a domain registrar. Do not hesitate to get in touch with them to increase your visibility online or to create a website.


Domain registrar

To create a website, you logically have to buy the name it will have, meaning the name that will appear in the search bar (for instance: You buy the domain name you want to a domain registrar, which ensures nobody else other than you can get that domain in exchange for a yearly fee. The domain registrar also converts your domain name into an IP address that will be used by computers and routers to specify the location of a specific domain name. IP addresses make it possible for us to access different websites from all around the world.


Web Host

On the other hand, a web host ''rents'' you a space on a server directly linked to the internet. A web host makes it possible for you to store all your files and database to make them visible online. You will notice that a lot of domain registrars also offer web hosting ant that buying a domain off a domain registrar does not mean you have to use their webhost services.



If choosing a good domain name is essential to optimize your online presence, you also have to make sure you choose your domain registrar and your web host wisely. For more information on the subject or to retain Online Vision's services to increase your visibility online, build your website or create your mobile app, get in touch with this Montreal website creation company today.