Manage your online store easily

Why is it important?

Benefits of an online store

Easy access
An online store can greatly help your company. Your clients can easily access your products through your website. They can obtain all the information they need about your product before making a purchase.

Selling to everyone
This can help you sell to people who don't usually have access to your products. Whether the person lives in another city or country, they can easily access your online store.

An online store is useful for different aspects of your business. It helps you on multiple levels. It can inform the clients or allow them to buy your products easily.


Managing your online store with Shopify

Managing your online store
Shopify allows you to manage your online store easily using all the settings you want. You have full control over your website's design, access to a hosted cart and access to top security.

Easy access
Your clients can easily access the items you sell. Your can reach a large number of people, which can help you increase your sales.

This platform also allows you to accept all currencies. You can receive payments from all over the world and you can easily manage them. This allows you to easily and directly have access to different markets.

How many items?

No product limit for sales online

No limit
Whether you have a big or a small inventory, there is no limit to the number of items you can display online. You can always add new items without it affecting the the items that are already there.

You have full control over your online store. There is no limit and you can display all the articles you want on your website. You can update your inventory whenever you want, however you want.

Whenever you decide to update your inventory, the changes appear online immediately. Your clients always have access to a website that is up-to-date.


Link your online shop to PayPal

Simplicity for the client
You can link your online store to PayPal. That makes all payments easier for your clients. They just have to sign in using their PayPal account and their payment is complete in a few simple steps without them having to give out their credit card information, address, etc.

Simplicity for you
PayPal also simplifies the process for you. Installation is free (services offered by banks usually aren't) and does not require a contract. The service is easy to use and it offers benefits for you and your clients.

PayPal is a very popular service and internet users trust it. By using this service, you get rid of any doubts that your clients might have about buying something online and you show them they can trust your company and your website.