Google helps your business

What is it?

Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows website owners to have access to statistics regarding their website's traffic. It is a popular tool that helps companies looking to improve their online presence.

The statistics allow you to know how many people visit your website, which pages they visit, the keywords they use, the website they got a link to your website from, etc.

With this data, you can be aware of the good and bad aspects of your website. It allows you to make decisions in order to improve the bad and enhance the good to make your website more effective.

Online report

Online detailed statistics of your website

Easily accessible
You can look up your website's statistics online. A report is made available and makes it possible for you to analyse the numbers. The platform is also easy to use and provides smooth browsing for all users.

Google Analytics allows you to customize the reports. You can easily create your own dashboard in order to save time when you're looking for specific data so that you don't have to go through all the information before finding what you're looking for.

All the data
All the information you need is on Google Analytics. The platform allows you to access various representations of your statistics to allow for an analysis of every aspect of your website's traffic.

A good way to manage your ads

Using information for marketing

Valuable data
The statistics regarding your website allow you to manage your ads. The data about the number of users, the pages they visited, etc., makes it easier for you to see the impact your ad is having.

The simplicity of the platform allows you to properly manage your ads. The data is presented in a way that makes it easy to understand. This allows you to be aware of all the details regarding the traffic on your website.

Effective management
Google Analytics provides a lot of detailed information. It allows you to do an in-depth analysis of every aspect of your website's traffic, which can be very useful if you use the information properly.

Market analysis

Your market analysis

By using your website's statistics, market analysis becomes easier. Google Analytics provides a lot of statistics that allow you to observe every aspect of your website.

Every detail can help you analyse the market. Whether it is the number of users, where they're from, or the way they got to your website, the information is there for you to use.

With Google Analytics, you can track the progress made by your company, and that allows you to act in order to make your website more effective. All the information is made available to you in order to allow you to make the right decisions.

Immediate results

Google Adwords online campaign

Do you need to quickly make more sales? AdWords allows your ad to be seen as soon as your campaign is online. You don't have to wait and you see immediate results.

As soon as your potential clients search for keywords that match the product/service you sell, your ad appears immediately and the users can access your website's content.

AdWords works quickly and allows you to get immediate results. You don't have to wait before you're able to evaluate the effectiveness of your ad. You can appreciate the results and modify what needs to be changed.

Client targeting

Targeting a client base

Reaching the target
A good ad campaign reaches the right clients. If the ad you post isn't getting a lot of clicks, your keywords might not be accurate enough to match the product/service you're selling.

Areas of interest
AdWords allows you to reach potential clients whose areas of interests match the product/service you sell. You can even exclude specific keywords that don't fit your company's image and that could draw you away from your objectives.

Your company's image
You make the decisions and you choose the keywords that match your company's image. The campaign is entirely customizable and you have full control over it.

Targeting an area

Targeting  a specific area for your ad

Targeting an area
AdWords allows you to target a particular area for your ad in order to make it more effective. This setting can be very useful in many contexts and for a lot of companies.

AdWords allows for flexibility regarding the different ways you can target an area. You can target a country, certain areas of a country, a specific geographical area, or various areas.

This allows you to have a precise and effective ad campaign and better results. You target the areas you want and you make the decisions regarding your campaign.

What is an AdWords Campaign?

What is an AdWords campaign?

An AdWords campaign allows you to display an ad when certain key words are searched in Google, on other search engines, on websites belonging to Google (like Youtube) and on Google partner websites (like

How it Works
When users type key words that match your own, your ad is displayed with a link to your website. Under the link, there is a brief description you will have written before putting up your ad. 

This allows you to attract a lot of potential customers that are looking for the services you offer. The ad is effective because it targets people that make a research linked to your area of expertise.


Customizing your ad campaign

With AdWords, you can completely customize your ad campaign to meet your expectations and to get a campaign that fits your company's image.

You manage your ads and you make the decisions that benefit your company. The platform allows you to stay in control. It was built for companies, and you can tell.

Multiple options are available and you can make the decisions that fit your objectives better. You can manage the settings as much as you want so you can be satisfied with your campaign.

Creating the campaign

AdWords campaign creation

First of all
When you create your campaign, the first step is choosing your keywords. You have to be accurate because your keywords have to be relevant if you want searches to lead to your ad.

Second of all
You have to define the highest price you're willing to pay when a potential client clicks on your ad. This will influence the relevance of your keywords and your ad's position on the page.

Third of all
You have to write an effective and appealing text to increase the chances of potential clients clicking on your ad. The short text shows up on Google when someone searches using keywords related to the ones you chose.

The most reliable

Google email service

Online Vision and Gmail
Google's email service is the most reliable and that is why we use it. Our websites are linked to Gmail because we want to offer the best services to our clients.

Gmail allows you to manage a very large number of emails without having to compromise the reliability of the service. This can help you improve your company without having to worry about that aspect.

Google is one of the biggest companies, and their email service is very efficient. It offers an unrivaled stability while giving you access to all the settings you need.


Managing you account and your emails

By using Google's email service for your website, you get complete independence. This service allows you to avoid linking your email to your website completely. You own the address, no matter what you decide to do with your website in the future.

You always keep that same independence. If you switch hosts for your website or if you get a new domain name, you can keep the same Gmail account.

You can also manage your own account and your emails. Gmail allows complete self-management.


Rates for Gmail accounts

Who bills you?
Google manages its email service. Your email address is linked to your website but Online Vision does not manage its costs, Google does.

Google charges $5 per email address on Gmail. You have to pay that amount every time you create a new account.

What that buys you
That gives you access to all of the features available in Gmail and to all of the benefits that come with them. Each address is linked to an individual account that has its own settings and is managed by the owner of the address.


Managing your emails by yourself

Google's email service allows you to completely manage your emails on your own. You have complete control and you make all the decisions regarding this essential communication tool for your website. No restrictions, no complications.

Managing your company's emails with Gmail is simple. The platform was built in a way that would make it easy to use for everyone.

There are no restrictions. It is your address, your account, and you manage your company. This is an essential tool and you have full control over it.

Link to your mobile, computer and tablet

Linking your emails to all your devices

All devices
Google's email service allows you to link your account to all your devices. You can do this with a laptop, computer or tablet. Regardless of the device, the connection is possible with Gmail.

With the email service from Google, it's easy to link your emails to your smartphone, your computer, or your tablet. A few clicks so that you are able to establish the connection between your account and your devices.

By connecting your Gmail account to your devices, you have access to your emails constantly, no matter what device you use. You can send and receive emails at any time in order to manage your business on the go.

Who creates it?

Choosing the name of your email address

Quick and simple
With Gmail, creating an email address for your website is a quick and simple task. Google's email service allows you to have an email address with your domain name in a few clicks.

You can choose the name of the email address and you can also adjust the account's settings to your liking. Gmail allows you to have complete control on a reliable and efficient platform.

This allows you to control your company's image and the way you manage your emails. You decide which way is better for you to manage your emails easily.

What is it?

Google My Business

Google My Business gives your company online visibility. It allows you to have a presence on Google, Google Maps and Google+. Google My Business provides your information to potential customers looking for your company online.

When people look for you online, they can easily find the route to your business on Google maps, your opening hours, your phone number, etc.

Google My Business lets you be accessible to your customers. It helps you offer them a comprehensive and pleasant experience on your website and through Google.

How to launch it

Activating Google My Business

Simple Steps
Google My Business is easy to use. You can activate the platform in a few simple steps. All you have to do is register and add your company's information. Google then verifies your company and publishes the information.

Google My Business is completely free. This way, you can benefit from a very useful tool without having to cover additional expenses.

Registration and verification are quick and simple steps so you can improve your online presence without wasting time.