Mobiles and tablets

Mobile version included with your standard version

It's free and included

Optimal result on phone or tablet

Responsive websites
We offer websites that are compatible with all devices. Your clients are busy people and it is important for your website's mobile version to be up to their standards. With our mobile version, you can guarantee a high quality experience.

A versatile website
There is no need to build more than one version. The mobile version is built within the classic version, which guarantees the best results on a smartphone or tablet. Each template theme is built to have an impeccable appearance on all devices. The changes and updates have to be made on only one platform. The mobile and classic versions stay synchronized at all times.

The mobile era
It is essential for your website to be compatible with smartphones and tablets if you want to satisfy the growing demand for mobile technology. We make sure you have a space in the growing online world. Responsive websites are necessary if you want more clients and more traffic on your website.

Just like your smart phone

Managing your website from your smart phone

A familiar environment
Browsing our website builder is as easy as browsing your smartphone, which makes it easier. The simple menus you know are the same ones you will find on our platform. This allows you to manage our platform intuitively, without having to learn how it works.

The icons are clear and the menus are presented in a way that makes creation and management easy.

Quick adaptation
An adaptation period is often necessary when you start using a new platform but the website builder is made in a way that allows for quick adaptation for all users. The features available make it easy for you to manage your website from your smartphone or tablet.

Easy to navigate

Easy browsing on mobile and tablet

The mobile version of our websites is aesthetically pleasing and it provides smooth browsing. Users can enjoy a simple and flawless experience on your website. The pages and menus are adapted to smartphones and tablets. This makes browsing enjoyable on any device.

Your clients have access to your product on a quality platform from their computer, their smartphone or their tablet. Your company's image is the same on every device and you can create it without having any limits.

Complete product
By having an efficient and aesthetically pleasing website on all devices, you offer a complete experience to your clients. All the versions of your website look good and work well, and that allows your company to have a professional image on all devices.

Easy to run

Control your website with all your devices

Simple interface
Managing your website from your smartphone or tablet is easy. The interface is simple and effective. It allows you to have access to everything you need, wherever you are.

Creating, editing, managing
You can easily create content, edit it, and manage your website from your smartphone or tablet. You are not limited and you have control over your website at all times, on all your devices.

As effective as your computer
You don't lose any of the effectiveness of the interface you get on your computer when you use it on your smartphone or tablet. You can perfectly manage your website from any device.

Drag and drop icons

Managing your website by dragging and dropping

Adapted to suit your needs
Drag and drop icons allow you to quickly and easily update your website from your smartphone or tablet. Drag and drop technology is a popular tool that allows you to customize your website without having to know about programming.

A familiar tool
Since most devices use drag and drop, users normally already know how to use it. Thanks to this technology, building and editing your website becomes almost natural. We are already used to doing it with files and folders, and the movement is the same.

This technology allows you to avoid having to go through multiple menus. You can edit your website with one simple action. The menus allow for smooth and easy browsing, no matter which device you're on.

Mobile version

Mobile application adapted to your business

The efficiency 
Dedicated developers who build a custom made application for your company. Mobile apps are very popular you can be part of the companies that offer an application.

No complications
We build the app so that you don't have to worry about the complicated aspects of it. All you have to do is upload the application to the platforms you want to use.

This allows you to be easily accessible at all times and in different ways. In addition to your website, your app is available to your clients and they can access your products from their smartphone or tablet.

Uploading the application

Uploading to the App store or Google Play

The last step
Once the app is created, you only have to upload it to the App Store, to Google Play, etc. No matter which platform you choose, only a few steps are necessary for your app to be available to your clients. We build the app and make it easy for you. All you have to do is upload the app for it to be downloadable.

No restrictions
You can upload your app to all platforms. Our applications are built to work on all devices, which allows you to reach more people.

Once the app is uploaded, your clients can easily download it to their smartphone or tablet. In just a few clicks they can have access to your app.

Benefits of an application

Advantage of a mobile application

At all times

An application allows your clients to easily access your product at all times. Not only can they visit your website, but the app gives them access to your company when they're on a tablet or a smartphone.

Simple navigation
The app makes the navigation simple and enjoyable on a smartphone or tablet. Even though your website can adapt to those devices, an app is always better because the icon is on the client's home screen, which makes the experience simpler and more enjoyable for them.

Client satisfaction
With an app, you can offer the full experience your the clients. This makes them appreciate your online presence and gives them more reasons to do business with you.