The most recent HTML version

New features

HTML5 technology

What is it?
HTML is a markup language that allows web browsers to transform texts and images into webpages. HTML5 was finalized in 2014 and is the latest version of this technology. It has generated a lot of interest in the web and mobile community. This technology gives us a lot of flexibility and allows us to offer a quality product. The HTML5 version comes with a lot of new features. 

One of the big new features is the improvement of forms. It is mainly important for smartphones because it allows the right keyboard to show up, whether you have to put in letters or numbers. You can also drag and drop within a webpage. Users usually already know how to use it because most devices use the drag and drop technology. Creating a website becomes almost natural.

Satisfied clients
We use the most recent technology. That allows us to offer an excellent product to our clients.